Chilliwack Mental Health Clubhouse

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Fraser Health
The Cheamview Clubhouse at 8916 Mary Street, Chilliwack BC, V2P 4J4 Phone:

Cheamview Clubhouse
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The Purpose of the clubhouse is to support adults 19+ living with a mental illness to gain access to opportunities for work and leisure.

With the support of a Clubhouse, people can discover a meaningful and satisfying social role in their community.

* As a member you will be involved in planning programs of your choice.

* You will gain a greater sense of hope, purpose and satisfaction.

* Your social skills and relationships will improve.

* You will notice reduced isolation

* Your confidence and self-esteem will increase.

* You will find greater success in your daily living skills and enjoy enhanced participation in your community.


* Learn skills to increase independence, such as cooking, budgeting, etc.

* Paricipate in physical and mental health management groups.

* Enjoy dialy acitivites related to work readiness (such as computer training) and community volunteer options.

Explore your hopes and dreams for a career.

* Review what you need to reach your goals in your community regarding education and employment.

* Join programs such as music and art activites, cultural events,and sports.


* Recovery is about building a meaninful and satisfying life, as you define it.

* Hope is central to recovery: you will be able to explore how to have more control in your life and see how others have found a way forward.

* The relationship between you and staff is a partnership, with a focus on your goals.

Referals & Membership:

* Talk with your case manger at your Mental Health & Substance Use Centre for a referral.

Contact your Clubhouse directly at Ph. no. 604-792-7803 or just drop in and say hello. A referral can also be initiated with the support of your own physician or private psychiatrist.

* Note your can attend the Cheamview Clubhouse without an open file at Mental Health & Substance Use Centre.

*** You Are Welcome***


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