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4570 Menholm Rd., 2nd Floor
Chilliwack, B.C. V2P 1M2
Ph. 604-702-4860 Fax. 604-702-4861

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The Chilliwack Mental Health Centre (CMHC) is a multidisciplinary team providing direct services to adults (age 19+) living in Chilliwack who require treatment of mental health concerns that impact their daily lives. In addition to providing client centred direct care, sonsultation and educatino services are available to health professionals, family members and the community.

How to access services at CMHC:

– call or visit at the CMHC office.

– Anyone can request services for themselves or someone else.*

* Please ensure that the individual being referred is aware of the referral being made on their behalf. Services are striclty voluntary, thus the individual must agree with and be willing to participate in services offered.*

Programs and Services offered at CMHC :

Adult Communtiy Support Services (ACSS)
case management, support, counselling and education to registered clients diagnosed with a severe and persistent mental illness.

Geriatric Program
case management, support and group therapy services offered to registered clients age 65+ diagnosed with a mental illness in combination with a change in behaviour and functioning associated with aging.

Shared Care Program
residental facilities that are staffed 24 hours to provide safe housing and support for registered clients diagnosed with a severe and persistent mental illness.

Eating Disorders Program
Individual therapy and case management services for registered clients (men and women) diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa or Bulimia.

Concurrent Disorders Program

assessment, consultation, treatment and referral services for registered clinets of CMHC with an addiction and a diagnosed mental illnesss. Internal referral only – program in collaboration with case managers.

Early Psychosis Intervention (EPI)

Offered to young people age 13-35 who have experienced a first episode of psychosis, or who are at high risk of developing spychosis, including drug induced psychosis. Phone 1 (866) 870-7847 to complete a referral.

Adult Short-Term Assessment and Treatment (ASTAT) and Group Therapy Services (GTS)

A range of brief therapy services are rovided to adult registered clients who have been identified as having moderate to severe mental health concerns.

Groups include a Rapid Access Group (coping skills), Depression groups, Anxiety groups and a speicialized Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Program.

Rapid Access Clinic

Provides psychiatric guidance and recommendations to family physicians. Referrals from primary care health professionals only.

Community Mental Health and Addictions Liaison to the Ministry of Social Develpment
short term case management and rehabilitative services for clients with addiction and or mental illness who are waiting for appropriate ongoing services.

Mental Health Liaison to the RCMP

works in direct collaboration with the Chilliwack RCMP to provide an outreach service to individuals in the community who are diagnosed with or suspected to have a mental illness.

Please Note:

The Chilliwack Mental Health Centre is not an emergency service. If your situation is an emergency call (911) or go directly to the emergency department at cChilliwack Genrtal Hospital. If you or somenone you know is in a mental health crisis and you are unable to reach someone at the CMHC, please contact the Reginal Crisis Line at 1-877-820-7444.



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