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Pwd List Of Benefits and Links

Here is link to a pdf file created to list benefits that are available to people who receive Persons With Disabilites (PWD) benefits

Fuel Tax Refund Program for Persons with Disabilities

Do you have a disability? Do you know how to apply for a fuel tax refund? Go Here for the Government PDF file: Fuel Tax Refund Don’t forget to use the Chilliwackspace Forum if you need any questions answered to find out any other information: The fourm is on the left side of the main […]

BC Residents Discount Fare – Permanent Disability

  BC Ferries provides a variety of services for persons with disabilities.  Discount fares are available for residents of British Columbia who have a permanent disability (this applies to passenger fares only). This includes those  with a PWD designation. To receive the discounted fare you must apply for a BC Ferries Disabled Status Identification (DSI) […]

Province Of B.C. PWD Changes

The Province of B.C. makes changes to PWD benefits, BCACL ( British Columbia Association For Community Living )calls for an increase in rates. June 12, 2012 Summary: In response to recently announced changes to PWD benefits in BC, the Disability Without Poverty Network has issued a press release calling for a rate increase. Here is […]