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Mental Health and Addictions
Chilliwack Mental Health Centre

Fraser Health

4570 Menholm Rd., 2nd Floor
Chilliwack, B.C. V2P 1M2
Ph. 604-702-4860 Fax. 604-702-4861

The Fraser Health Website can be found Here :

The Chilliwack Mental Health Centre (CMHC) is a multidisciplinary team providing direct services to adults (age 19+) living in Chilliwack who require treatment of mental health concerns that impact their daily lives. In addition to providing client centred direct care, sonsultation and educatino services are available to health professionals, family members and the community.

Chilliwack Resource Centre

The Chilliwack Resource Centre Says They are ” Your First-Stop Information Centre”  for Chilliwack.

Located at : 46240 Yale Road, Unit #3
Chilliwack, B.C.
V2P 2P3
Phone/Fax: (604) 702-9595

Open Monday-Thursday 9 am – 2pm

The Chilliwack Resource Centre assists people in determining their needs in a confidential, supportive and friendly environment.

Information is provided for various services in the community, including;

government agency information
community resources and services
office training
health information
social events.

Chilliwack Mental Health Clubhouse

Sponsored by:

Fraser Health
The Cheamview Clubhouse at 8916 Mary Street, Chilliwack BC, V2P 4J4 Phone:

Cheamview Clubhouse
( according to Fraser Health…)
The Purpose of the clubhouse is to support adults 19+ living with a mental illness to gain access to opportunities for work and leisure.

With the support of a Clubhouse, people can discover a meaningful and satisfying social role in their community.

Fuel Tax Refund Program for Persons with Disabilities

Do you have a disability?
Do you know how to apply for a fuel tax refund?

Go Here for the Government PDF file:
Fuel Tax Refund

Don’t forget to use the Chilliwackspace Forum if you need any questions answered to find out any other information:

The fourm is on the left side of the main page of or you can enter the forum directly here:

BC Residents Discount Fare – Permanent Disability

BC Ferries


BC Ferries provides a variety of services for persons with disabilities. 

Discount fares are available for residents of British Columbia who have a permanent disability (this applies to passenger fares only). This includes those  with a PWD designation. To receive the discounted fare you must apply for a BC Ferries Disabled Status Identification (DSI) Card, which you will present to the Ticket Agent when you arrive at the terminal.


Go Here: to get the online application form to save money on the ferries. and to get all the information !

Province Of B.C. PWD Changes

The Province of B.C. makes changes to PWD benefits, BCACL ( British Columbia Association For Community Living )calls for an increase in rates.
June 12, 2012

In response to recently announced changes to PWD benefits in BC, the Disability Without Poverty Network has issued a press release calling for a rate increase.

Here is a Link to The Province of British Columbia Office of the Premier Ministry of Social Development actual Press Release

In Quotes is the actual release by the BCACL on their website located at Province makes changes to PWD benefits

About Us…

What Is This Website about? Our team will endeavor to build a site that is geared for the people of Chilliwack who are on low income and especially those that are Living on a PWD, Persons with Disability Income. Our hope is to gather all the information and help a person with all you could possibly need to to take advantage of all that is available to live a vital and healthy life.

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this site.

Thank You,

Eric Hunken

Party In The Park

Experience Downtown, The right Place To Be !

Chilliwack Library

Discover How great it is to being a member of the Fraser Valley Regional Library Here in Chilliwack.

Leisure Center

The Chilliwack Landing Leisure Centre includes an aquatic centre, aerobics studio, fitness centre, wellness centre and Java Hut restaurant.

Everyone n Chilliwack that has a low income is eligible for a free year round pass to the Chilliwack Leisure Centre. Follow this link and print out your application form:

City of Chilliwack Leisure Access Program Chilliwack LAP Application